Minutes for the General Meeting of WNDER
19 September, 2013.

WNDER Meeting September 19, 2013

Present: Bethany Gittings-White, Ken Meadows, John Barnett, Deb Tieszer, Samantha Brennan, Ryan Hunt, Colin Couchman, Elan Paulson, Jenn Martin, Lu Xiao, Kane Faucher, Mark McDayter, Joel Faflak, Jenny, Stephanie Attardi, Tim Wilson, Sarah McLean, Suzanne Kearns

Regrets: Carole Farber, Julie Whitehead

Ratification of the Group Constitution

  • Friendly amendment: Library and Archivists and Postdoctoral Students to be added to the Constitution (Ken)
  • Friendly amendment: “Members of the governing body” (John)
  • Amendment to the Constitution Point 6 Board of the Society (Mark)
    • Board of the Society: Change to a Convenor, A Communications Officer, and 5 elected members of the group, at least one of whom must be a graduate student (total group of 7)
    • Reasons: A symbolic difference, not quite so pyramidal
    • Request: Add the PPT to the website

Advisory Body Voting

  • Election of members of the governing body
    • Acting Convenor – Mark McDayter
    • Acting Communication – Elan Paulson
  • Vote by electronic ballot nomination and voting
    1. Nomination process first
    2. Send a short bio
    3. Then electronic voting
  • Aim to seek as broad of representation across the university as possible

Work Study Student

  • Sarah McLean (Schulich, Basic Medical Science)– willingness to (co-supervise) a work study student with Mark McDayter
  • DUTIES: TIES, putting resources online for group, updating websites, general administrative duties, other jobs as needed

Discussion of the Group’s Response to the eLearning Task Force Report

  • WNDER’s Response
    • Collect responses via Western’s OWL (Sakai) by early next week (Monday)
    • A draft letter by next Wednesday to send out for comment
    • Have until Monday, Sept 30 to submit comments
  • Tone of response should be that of constructive critique, indicating cooperation
  • Our interests are congruent in this area – which is why constructive feedback is useful (John)
  • We are all able to send individual contributions / feedback  as well (Colin)
  • eLearning is not in that document (Colin)
    • There is another document behind the eLearning document, which we don’t have access to – the report is at the front
    • eLearning Task force’s function was supposed to inform that plan
    • The plan, not the task force report, has to be critiqued
    • We can leverage a response to the task force report to comment on the strategic plan
  • There’s nothing in it to critique (Samantha)
  • The degree to which funding is not in that report (Colin)
  • A shadow document during the retreat to which we don’t have access, because the provincial government will be dictating major changes (Kane)
  • A digital research cluster on the table (Mark)

Other Events

  • Research Directions  – FIMS Journal start clustering a CFP to produce documents as a group (Kane)
  • Creating an electronic journal using Scholarship of Western tool
  • A series of talks – once every month or two months (Mark)
  • Bi-monthly speaker series? – opening it up more broadly  (Ken)
    • Non-voting members can be anyone from the community (other community members)
    • Voting members (members of the community)
    • BEGIN WITH ROUNDTABLE: 4-6 people – late October, November

Brainstorming ideas for a roundtable topic

  • People doing a roundtable about the things that they are doing – details about their work, understanding expertise and work (Deb)
  • Sharing deliverables – papers produced by members of the group on best practices for skill retention(Suzanne)
  • “Open mic” informal session (Colin)
  • These sessions (and WNDER as a whole) should support the function of the TSC, but do the things that they can’t do, but in consultation with them (Mark)
  • TIES II? (Kane)

Other Issues:

  • Community Service/Outreach – libraries (Colin)
  • Practice-informed research – a subcommittee on “best practices” (Suzanne)
  • Mark – will add a line to constitution about sub-committees
  • Sub-committees and communication flow through need to be developed (Colin)
  • Tim – King’s CFP: TAPS@KINGS (deadline tomorrow)
  • Deb – post on website – blog page – updates and communication
  • Ken – opportunities @ the TSC – Spring Perspectives on Teaching (bring a proposal to the TSC, and have WNDER present something)


  1. Minutes to be circulated after the meeting – by TODAY (Elan)
  2. Meeting PPT to be posted on the WNDER website – by TODAY (Mark)
  3. FORUM set up in WNDER Sakai project space with LINK from the WNDER website to enable discussion and feedback on Task Force Report – by MONDAY (Elan/Mark)
  4. Nominate names for executive membership – by MONDAY (Membership)
  5. Individual membership to consider thoughts on volunteering to participate in Roundtable talk/Introductions to WNDER membership – by October (Membership)

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